Safer Than A Shoebox

The safest way to save your receipts.

How do you save your receipts now?  With the “shoebox method” of saving actual physical receipts in a box or envelope, and just hoping that they survive intact until tax time rolls around?  Well, have you ever stopped to think about what if something happened to them?


What if there was a fire, a flood, if they were stolen, or even simply misplaced?  That’s a year’s worth of receipts that you have to replace by calling or emailing every company you’ve done business with, trawling through your email folders, or logging in on countless websites.  That’s hours of your life spent, and you’re bound to miss some of them.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With Receiptron, you can save all your receipts online, viewable from any web browser at any time.  On top of that, all your receipts are backed up nightly in an encrypted format, to ensure that even if something happens to the server on which they’re stored, those receipts can be retrieved and restored.

Maybe you’re the particularly careful type, and all your receipts are stored in a fire-proof, water-tight safe.  Good for you!  But Receiptron is still safer.  How many times have you put a receipt in your wallet or purse for later, and been unable to find it later?  Or worse, by the time you finally remember about it, the fragile ink has been rubbed into an unreadable mess?

Receiptron allows you to save your receipts the very moment you get them, ensuring you have literally no time in which to forget about, lose, or accidentally destroy them.  You’ll thank yourself when tax time comes, and all your receipts are in one safe easy-to-find place.

Receiptron is only $5 per month, or even cheaper if you purchase a $50 yearly subscription. It can pay for itself if it only saves you one really important receipt, but more than that, it saves you peace of mind.

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