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The easiest to use receipt-saving solution.

Receiptron is the easiest to use receipt-saving software there is.  You don’t need to install any apps or software, you don’t have to set up any backup procedures – you barely have to think about it!  Just take a picture of your receipt and email it to our friendly robot.  It will automatically save it for you for later.  Plus, if you include information like the receipt price or category in the email subject, it can automatically fill in those fields for you!

Other solutions require you to download an app to your phone and set it up, then download regular updates to stay on top of new features and problems.  Since Receiptron is hosted entirely on our servers, whenever we roll out an update to fix or improve something, you get it for free and without any effort on your part.

Upgrading your phone?  No need to worry about losing all those receipts stored in the photo album on the old one – they’re stored securely on our server.  Just log in and you’ll be able to see them all as easily on the new phone as on the old one.


More and more these days, we’re getting receipts in our emails.  With traditional “shoebox” methods of saving receipts, this means you have to print up every email receipt you get, then fold and store it in your shoebox.  With Receiptron, you can simply forward those receipts to us the same way you’d send us a picture, and it’s saved in the same spot in the same easy way as all the others.

Receiptron is only $5 per month, or even cheaper if you purchase a $50 yearly subscription.  Isn’t that worth the potential hours of saved time every month?

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