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Track Taxes on your Receipts

Going forward, we’re looking into setting up integrations with popular accounting software, which means we need to start tracking some new information that they’ll use and expect. Primarily, this means we need to start storing the taxes charged on each receipt you store with us.

How does that work? Super simply! When adding a new receipt using the web interface, there will be a new field for taxes where you can add any taxes that appear on your receipt.

We’ve also taken the time to go in and clean up the web interface a little bit. In particular, you’ll find that the Category and Tax name fields suggest values a little sooner, so you don’t have to spend time thinking about what categories or taxes you’ve already recorded before you make your choice.

The first of our accounting integrations is coming along well, and we should have more news about it soon! In the meantime, why not let us know what accounting software you use? That way we can prioritize which integrations to work on next!

Send us an email with the accounting software you use!

New Features and Fixes

We’re pleased to announce a fantastic collection of new features and fixes for Receiptron! In order to make adding and reviewing your receipts as easy and useful as possible, we’ve improved in the following ways:

Better introduction to help new user save their first receipt

Did you try out a demo but get confused about how to email in your first receipts? Try visiting and following the easy instructions to add your first receipt with us!

Receipt category suggestions

When saving a receipt via the web interface, existing categories are suggested to you when typing them in. This should help greatly reduce mis-typed categories.

Receipts can now be sorted by name, category, and date

After you’ve added a few receipts, you might find it useful to review them. Now you can choose to sort them by name, category, or date from the main receipts list page.

Integrated to get your feedback

The next time you log in, look to the lower-left of the screen, and you’ll see “Questions or Feedback?” tab. If you click that, you can submit — you guessed it — questions or feedback directly to us, so we can continue to improve Receiptron.

Data export

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last! You can now export your receipt data either as a CSV or Excel file so you can provide it to your accountant or import it into your other financial programs. Your data is your data and you should be in control of it.

25% savings!

To celebrate our improvements, we’re launching a time-limited sale! If you sign up for Receiptron before Friday, September 18 and use code “sept-new-feature-special”, you’ll save 25% for the first six months of your subscription!

Make sure to sign up soon, because after Friday, this coupon will no longer be active!

Save money by saving receipts with Credit Card Price Protection

Saving receipts can be useful at tax time, certainly, but there are plenty of opportunities for the careful shopper to save money throughout the year. Retailers can throw a sale at any time, and if you’ve kept your receipt, you can usually visit the store to get the price difference refunded to you. However, if the store is too far out of your way or you can’t get to it in time, you may not be able to easily claim your refund.

Thankfully, many credit card companies understand this and have implemented a program to help you get those refunds and save money: Price Protection. Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you save your receipts. You’ll need them later.
  2. Keep an eye out for price drops on the items you’ve purchased. Generally, printed and internet (non-auction) prices will be honoured.
  3. Call the phone number for your credit card to get a claim form.
  4. Once you get the form, fill it out and send it in. You’ll typically need to include the advertisement and your receipt. (See? I told you it would come in handy.)
  5. Wait for your refund to be applied to your card.

Now obviously, the most important step here is #1 – if you don’t save your receipts, you can’t ever claim them later! You could store them in a shoebox or inside a big envelope somewhere, but what happens if something happens to them? Or even if they’re perfectly safe and sound, you might have a real problem sorting through the pile to find what you’re looking for.

Receiptron is the easiest way to save receipts online. There’s no app to download – you just take a picture of the receipt with your phone camera and email it to our specially-trained receipt-saving robots. They’ll sort and organize it for you for later. Email receipts can be forwarded along as well, so everything can be stored in the same place.

Try it for free right now, no credit card required!